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  Lifeng,set up in 1992, is located in the west of Shanghai, about 100 kms away. We use lost wax casting and investment casting to make different type of castings.The largest casting we made is about 200kgs. We have a lot of experience to make good casting, especially to make value castings. We provide body and bonnet/adapter castings for many value companies. Most of our castings are shipped to Japan, Korea, France, UK, Canada, US, etc. We can WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CA15, A4874C, and other types of material. Lifeng are certificated as ISO9002, and CE。

   We are very concerned our reputation. To make value castings t.fully met ASMEB16.34 is our basic principle. So we are good organized and have an experienced and hard working engineering team to manage our company To make our customers satisfied is our top target. We are looking forward to the cooperation with you. We are sure you can buy good quality,reasonable price castings from Lifeng, which can make your products more competitive. We believe that your development is the precondition of our Lifeng's developmen
   Thank you to read this preface.

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